Definite Purpose Contactors

Definite Purpose Contactors

XMC0 - Definite Purpose ContactorsThe XMC0 is ideal for all HVAC/ R applications. The XMC0 contactors meet the ARI 780 standard.

XMC0 Contactor Features:

  • Various terminal options for specific application needs.
  • Easy to change coil.
  • Universal mounting plate eliminates changing hole pattern when replacing competitive contractors.
  • Convenient non-position sensitive mounting.
  • Heavy-duty silver metal oxide composition contacts ensure long electrical life.
  • Coils are Class F (155 C) temperature insulated encompassing a wide range of voltages and 50/60 Hz ratings.
  • Double E magnet assembly provides optimal performance with reduced power consumption.
  • Effective dust-proof structure.
  • UL, CUR File E222994

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3ARR Motor Start Potential Relay

3ARRimageAliso Viejo, California – The 3ARR Series is Zettler Controls, Inc. latest offering in our growing line of products for the HVAC/R industry. This series of potential relays is used to assist in the initial function of single phase motors which employ start capacitors for high torque. Common applications include air conditioning, commercial refrigeration, heat pumps and more. The coil of a potential relay is energized by the potential of the start winding. When this voltage is raised to the pick up value the contact will open and disconnect the start capacitor. The relay will remain energized until the start winding voltage is removed or decreases below the drop out value.

  • Design, construction and production line from original GE product offering.
  • Class B 130 C insulation
  • 50 & 60 HZ at various coil voltages from 117V to 564V range.
  • 35A and 50A (N.O.) contact ratings – 3ARR3 (35A) & 3ARR22 (50A)
  • Various operating positions, terminations, and mount styles available
  • Large silver/cadmium oxide contacts
  • UL/CUR approved SA44129; VDE

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